Sunday, January 10, 2010

4 New releases @ Barerose Tokyo

We have a new tribal outfit for the ladies:
❤Tribal Shaman❤
Features leather bikini style pieces with additional leather belt, leggins, armbands and collar.
You also get colorful feathered chestpiece, shoulders,
coat & Warbonnet ( 3 colors included), plus
full body tattoo (tintable)

❤ Star Conductor❤ New cyber look mini dress:
This cute dress features open skirt design with matching
top, sculpted collar and sleeves, matching hat ,
optional stockings, matching ankle boots, and 5 colors
of ties!
You also get all 4 colors shown , included :)

❤Mariel❤ Goth Loli dress:
This fun dress includes Lace top+ Jacket,
Sculpted arm and chest pieces, gloves,
stockings, 2 types of skirts (long + normal lace
and bow skirt), also included 2 different headdresses
(bow and bunny ear versions)

This is a Mens Kabuki outfit which is a highly
stylized clasic Japanese dance-drama.
This set included many items , including base kimono
with sculpted parts, the Kimno vest includes 3 colors.
You also get special Renjishi skin, and 2 colors
of special hair to make this a complete outfit!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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