Saturday, December 05, 2009

Barerose Tokyo update 12/5/09

❤Seven Deadly Sins - Envy❤
June origianlly designed this dress for the Seven Deadly Sins
show, and now is releasing it to you :)
This beautiful dress features detailed textures throughout and includes bodice top, sculpted skirt and matching shoulder piece, matching arm and leg prims parts,feathered headpiece, yellow hair rose, and necklace!

❤Principality Lady❤ + ★Principality★
These beautiful angel releases are made from white satin fabric with gold trim.
Includes flowing robes, chest piece with additional flowing prims, gloves, Halo, 2 styles of wings!, and a wonderful necklace that has the earth in it with moving clouds :)
Also contains an attachment to allow your shoulder
attached wings to move when you fly!

★Waiting for Dawn★
As with the womens version, June created many many new sculpted pieces and textures.
the outfit includes richly textured shirt and pants, Sculpted skirting with sunglasses,pouches, chains, ribbons, belt, buckles, and much more.
Also contains equally stunning multi layered scarf /With
its own detailed pieces and textures.
Also includes belted armband, headband ,and boots!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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