Sunday, July 12, 2009

New releases from Barerose Tokyo

My apologies for lack of updates this week , I have been Ill but am feeling better now .. Now onto the releases :)

❤Yangchen Lhamo❤
This is a special release designed for Shakti Cianci of the Band Spacejunky, Which She debuted @ the SL6B celebration.
She wanted a rocker girl outfit with spiritual meaning for Tibet. (The pieces on the belt and arms are symbols of tibet)
Includes leather snakeskin pants, tops with sculpted shoulders, arms,+chest. armbands, belt. earrings, and 3rd eye jewel!
there are 5 colors of tops, and 3 colors of trims included :)

❤ Simple Lowrise ❤
Beautiful Summer release featuring low rise designer jeans (3 colors) With matching sculpted belts, delicate flowered tops With flexy hems (6 colors),2 types of optional thongs, matching bracelet + free necklace!

❤Leather Kala❤
This beautiful outfit includes white top/ with sculpted sleeves & 2 types of collars, the included skirt comes with 7 color choices!, Leggings (5 colors choices), and gloves.

♥ Rikoko ♥
This cute dress features shirt/with sculpted sleeves, Colored sculpted chest , collar/with matching ribbon, skirt, arm ribbons, socks/ With bows. and matching hair ribbon.
The set includes 3 different colors !
Note: the chest piece is prim please try the demo to see the fit before buying =) Ty

✰ Mens Long Happi ✰
This is a wonderful Happi style Kimono worn at tradtional festival.
Includes 4 different colors each with sculpted shoulders, armbands, pants, fundoshi pants, leggings,armwraps, skirt,
necklace and large Uchiha Fan!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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