Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy fathers Day From Barerose Tokyo

Happy Fathers Day ! 父の日
Please take some time to Honor your father today =)

In honor of Fathers day June has made 2 new releases .

❶ ★ Black Sentinel Knight ★
This is the matching release for the girls ❤Black Sentinel❤
The goth armor set features 2 versions (Normal and Simple)
Each one includes base clothing, Sculpted armor pieces for shoulders/pelvis/arms/legs/chest, headband, shoes, feathered ears, and feathered wings!

➋ ✿ Siba Hiko ✿
This is a tiny Father dog avatar The complete set includes Tiny Avatar,
Hat, Glasses, Briefcase, and 5 colors of ties!

Also released for the girls is the matching set to Black Sentinel Knight.
♥ Black Sentinel ♥
This beautiful armor set has more of a goth feel and not as revealing.
It includes 2 versions (simple and regular) both include armored shoulders/legs/arms/pelvis/chest, headband, shoes,feathered wings, and optional feathered ears. There are also open and normal leggings for both versions included!

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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Matsuken said...

Wow, This is so cool for
Fathers Day Presents