Saturday, April 25, 2009

Barerose Tokyo Saturday update =)

Featuring white base shirt with sheer arms ( 2 colors), jacket layer frilly over shirt (4 colors), shorts, collar, and paisly flowered stockings (4 colors).

❤Lovisa❤ + ✰Swedish Ceremonial Suits✰
Based on 18th century Swedish wedding clothes , the dress features delicate lace and ribbons through out the dress , the top features sculpted arms , ribbon , and choker.
Also includes headress, stockings, as well as 2 skirt lengths =)
All 3 colors shown are included <3
The mens suit features traditional leggings and shirt , socks, gloves, cape ,skirting , and sash. Includes white and dark versions =)

This beautiful peasant style dress features detailed shirt with poofy sleeves (3 colors). skirt (3 colors) ,and seperate jacket layer (3 colors) .
Also includes bandana (3 colors) and jewelry (necklace and bracelet)
☆Tokyo Nomad☆
Features detailed pants (3 colors), vest+shirt (3 colors), Bandana (3 colors),
gloves, and necklace.

☑ Available @ the main store location
Barerose Tokyo

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