Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 2 RFL clothing fair release @ Barerose Tokyo

Day 2 RFL clothign fair release ❤Dianna❤
This Beautiful dress features flowing lace and ruffled skirting, sculpted arms, gloves, and choker.
3 colors are also included!

Also new today is ✿U back Digi-pants✿
This Unisex set if made especially for furry avatars.
Includes 5 colors of pants, 3 colors of shirts, and 2 colors of jackets!

Both Diana and Uback Digi Pants are available @ Both the RFL Barerose booth and the main store location (We are located in The Red Sea Sim)

At the last minute June also made a new color of our Mist outfit! This ones green for St. Pats Day! (Available at the Main Hq store only)

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