Saturday, August 02, 2008

2 New releases today 8/2/08 @ Barerose Tokyo

❶ ❤Pink Mist❤
Yay, Pink Mist finally out! It is based on the black mist we released last month and includes open and closed versions of jackets w/sculpted parts, optional skirt, shorts , stockings and garters!

➋ ✰Damaged White Demin✰
New mens outfit includes 2 colors of pants, 5 colors of shirts (on the jacket layer), and 4 colors of scraves!

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Barerose Tokyo


Unknown said...

Hi Tori,

Message for June. I am still without a good computer to log into SL with. If she has someone else that was interested in volunteering to help manage the vendor area at the main store, go ahead and let them try it. I'll be back in SL when I am able to. Best to all. Bagu (

Tori Heart said...

Hi Bagu , sorry to hear that hope you get it fixed soon