Friday, July 04, 2008

3 new releases for the girls today July 4th @ Barerose Tokyo

❶ Black Mist
This ones very cute and fun to wear.
Includes cute jacket with sculpted collar frilled shirt, skirt, shorts , and stockings/with garters .
Several ways to wear it for different looks too <3

➋ Kingyo
Beautiful beachwear set that comes with 3 different colors!
Has bikini top and bottom with sculpted frills and ties
You can also wear the optional waist sash and chest drape for a different look.
June hid a goldfish in the outfit too so try to find it (Kind of like wheres waldo - But with a goldfish ^^)

➌ Sandra Light
Sexy dress with flowing skirt in shiny metallic colors
Gold/Blue/Pink/Silver all included.
Also includes gloves and a free necklace <3

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Jaxie said...

Wow, Tori, excuse me while I gush. I always watch all your new releases, and am consistently in awe of the creativity of the Bare Rose team. (yum, the Zodiac line!)

but these 3 new releases made me upend my linden coin purse in search of every free linden, so I could rush over and grab them all!

Lovely textures and super detailing, to spread that happy summer joujou. And enough come hither to make our boys go Rawr.

Thank you!!

Tori Heart said...

Ty So much Jaxie!
Hope you enjoy them alot =)