Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Light In The Void & Gl Sailor @ Barerose Tokyo

First outfit is "Light in the Void"
We just found out that June tied for first place with Dark Eden for The Mfa Fashion awards for this outfit!
It features leather cutout pants , Belted skirt in 2 colors, Sculpted gloves, sleeves, and collar, Plus Feathered Neck and shoulder piece in 3 different colors <3

A Little about the outfit ...June designed this one for the band Spacejunky! And specifically for the song named Killer coat!
Space Junky is a RL group that also performs in Sl and was recently featured on CNN!
here is the link for those interested.
Cnn Video
CNN Video

And a Sl video also
Space Junky Performing In Second Life

The second outfit is "GL Sailor"
June Designed this one for the J-school/Gl party we had last night and now there are 3 colors of the dress !
Dress features sailor style collar with tie, Sculpted arms on the shirt, hair ribbon, and beautiful ribboned skirt.

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