Sunday, September 30, 2007

New "goth" mermaid outfits @ Barerose Tokyo

New @ Barersoe Tokyo 3 Gothic mermaid outfits.
2 for the ladies and one for the guys =)
All 3 include aos to control the flexy tails , beautiful detailed work you just have to see ^^
The 2 womens Seiren and Gl Seiren feature a mermaid tail and the ao makes takes care of all the tail action .
The Male version "Kraken" features a more crab like tail that is also Ao controled.
All 3 also include "non" mermaid legs either a skirt or pants for when you dont want to me a mermaid or merman =)

Here is our main store location
Barerose Tokyo

And the new Branch location
Barerose Tokyo Branch Store

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