Wednesday, October 04, 2006

** New ** from BareRose Toyko "Majo"

Just in time for Halloween June has made these adorable witches outfits =)
Comes with all 3 colors in the box White/Pink/Blue
Includes everything shown in the ad in all the colors.
Shirts, Witches hats Underskirt pants, Prim flexi skirts,and prim flexy bows.

Come see for yourself at Barerose Island In the New section on either side on the tp landing.

:::BareRose::: HQ, BareRose 146,38,30

Tp Directly:


Torley said...

What a colorful blog, Tori! And dare I say, what a bewitching outfit. ;)

I saw your URL printed in rather big letters in the latest SL Business magazine, so I came back here -- after visiting earlier via World of SL: Fashion.

Tori Heart said...

Thank You Torley, I'm glad you like it and hope you come back to see it often ^^