Wednesday, September 27, 2006

**New today at BareRose Toyko "Damaged Low Rise" **

Brand new today from June this super sexy ripped jean outfit called "Damaged low rise"
Features super detailed low rise jeans ripped in all the right places =)
Can be worn in several different ways and even includes shorty ripped jeans!Comes with all kinds of layers for options, even the thong and bra can be worn seperately.
The box includes 5 pairs of ripped jeans , 1 pair of ripped shorty shorts,
1 undershirt layer bra , 1 undewear layer thong, 2 jackets , and 3 shirts !!!
Come see for yourself at Barerose Island In the New section area to either side on the tp landing.

:::BareRose::: HQ, BareRose 146,38,30

Tp Directly:

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